How to put on a resume

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Acquired education

In this block, the data confirming your level and degree of knowledge is indicated. Also, make a link to additional courses, pieces of training and seminars.

If there were several such educational places on your life path, you would first have a higher education, then a secondary special education, and then an additional one. If at one time, for example, managed to complete computer courses or foreign language courses, this information will not be superfluous. In our modern society, the ability to understand the software, even at the level of a simple user, or to know someone else’s language, even if with a dictionary provides another bonus in the piggy bank of your advantages.

Work experience

This block tells about how your work activity took place. Moreover, it is necessary to write it in chronological order, starting with today’s or last place of work, as if unwinding the history back.

Of course, it is desirable that there is no interrupted work experience and empty gaps in your work schedule. But, even if this happened, you do not need to cheat yourself and assume that it gives less chance of getting a job.

The description occurs according to the following scenario:

  • Work period. Here are the dates when you entered the planned vacancy, and when the activity in it was over.
  • The name of the company in which it was possible to work or its representative offices, branch;
  • Field of activity. It is necessary to indicate the direction of the organization briefly;
  • Position. Indicate the correct name of your position, and in confirmation of your words will serve as an entry in the workbook;
  • Duties. Tell them what powers were vested and what responsibilities you performed.
  • Examples of your performance, which was achieved for a specified period.

Many compilers make a very gross mistake of their own resume. They assume that in this block, it is enough to rewrite the data from their employment record directly. But, thereby, they forget to reveal the uniqueness of their own skills and abilities. This reduces the attractiveness of your resume and makes it less active in front of other competitors.